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Kanchipuram or the Kanjeevaram silk saree is one of the best varieties of silk sarees. Women mostly prefer the shiny and shimmery silk saree for auspicious functions and weddings or festivals. This highly demanded fabric has the ability to give the wearer a rich and royal look. If we talk about Kanchipuram silk sarees then they are one of the most attractive attires all the way from Tamil Nadu. They are mostly worn by women in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh at festivals and weddings. 

Kanchipuram Silk Sarees catalog

The saree is made in the Kanchipuram region of Tamil Nadu with delicate embroidery work. They are woven from pure mulberry silk threads for which the silk comes from South India and the zari for saree comes from Gujarat. The saree is weaved in three shuttles in which one side is detailed by the weaver and the other side by his aide. The third shuttle includes the pallu of the saree that is decorated with a lot of effort. If the pallu is woven in a different shade then it is first detailed separately and after the work is done it is attached to the saree forming a zig-zag line. This makes the body and pallu of the saree differ from each other. The pallu is joined strongly so that it does not tear or gets damaged with the passage of time. Kanchipuram silk saree for weddings are mostly worn in the Southern parts of India. 

Latest Catalogs of Kanchipuram Sarees

You will come across a range of some stunning Kanchipuram sarees in ravishing prints and embroidery techniques. Shimmery golden threads with intricate patterns are used to decorate the saree. You will find them in a variety of colors and designs. We are Kanchipuram silk sarees wholesalers providing you the attire at the best prices. They are available in a single color as well as double colors having some traditional borders including checks, stripes, temple borders, and florals. The saree usually has a wide contrast border that makes it differ from other silk sarees. If you are also searching for them then you will easily get them here. If you loved sarees then you can buy wholesale sarees online cash on delivery from us at our store.

Bridal Silk Sarees

Heavily embellished with golden borders, this beautiful silk saree is worn by the brides on the wedding day and other functions. Paired with a three-fourth sleeve designer blouse having simple neck designs and pretty motifs make a pretty pair. A bright red Kanchipuram bridal silk saree detailed with colorful threads and golden embroidery will give you an adoring look at your special day. Some traditional accessories will give you a more dignified look. If you love bridal silk sarees then you can buy wholesale bridal sarees from our store.  

Embroideries of the Saree

Silk sarees are usually embroidered with golden and silver thread work having some colorful threads in between making beautiful motifs and designs. Some party wear and designer sarees are also decorated with zari work, pearl laces, and tassels giving it an effective look. Some of them also have prints that give the outfit an eye-catchy texture and are light in weight. They can be worn at weddings, parties, and other special events giving you a flawless look.    

They are very well known for their elegant and interesting designs. The softness and smoothness of this saree give you the reason to wear it all day. Silk is a natural fiber that is obtained from the cocoons of larvae of mulberry silkworms. The shimmery appearance reflected from the fabric is due to the triangular prism-like structure of the silk fiber. It is produced by several insects and the quality may differ according to the type of larvae from which it is made. It is one of the highly produced as well as consumed fabric all around the globe. It is known as Resham in north India and pattu in the southern parts of India.               

We have a range of pure silk saree, silk cotton saree, Banarasi silk sarees, and other beautiful silk sarees here. They are detailed with some gorgeous borders and thread tassels are also used at the bottom of the pallu that makes it look more alluring. You can buy the product at low and reasonable prices in superior quality fabrics. You get the opportunity to buy them in huge quantities with a wholesale price. 

Wholesale Dealers of Kanchipuram Silk Saree

We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of sarees, salwar suits, kurtis and other women clothing from Surat, India. We are the distributors to every Indian city such as Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, etc. We are also wholesale dealers to foreign countries such as the USA, UK, South Africa, Canada, and many other countries. The product can be purchased from any corner of the world by simply clicking on the desired outfit. You get the outfit at the prescribed time on your doorsteps that are dispatched after proper checking of the product.

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