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Wholesale Dupatta Online From Surat

Dupatta is a traditional piece of clothing commonly worn by women with ethnic and traditional attires. This long and rectangular scarf or stole is typically worn draped over the shoulder and across the head too.

The dupatta is made from a wide range of fabrics that can be light and breathable cotton as well as the luxurious silk. They are also detailed with pretty embroideries and printed with colorful designs adding a touch of elegance to the attire. 

Cotton Dupatta Wholesale Price Online Surat

Here we have wholesale dupatta that serves for multiple functions. It provides modesty and even offers protection from sun or cold weather when draped strategically. Furthermore, the dupatta is also used to express one's personal style. It is a versatile accessory that can enhance your overall appearance.

Latest Wholesale Dupatta Catalog Online

The dupatta catalog that you see here is a comprehensive compilation of various dupatta designs and styles. The dupattas often detailed information such as fabric type, color options and dimensions. Whether you want a simple dupatta in solid colours or need the embellished one in multi shade or other colours to match your dress, you will get everything here. 

Phulkari Dupatta Wholesale

The traditional and exquisite form of embroidered dupattas that originated from Punjab are the exotic phulkari dupatta. "Phulkari'' means "flower work" and these suits are known for their vibrant and intricate floral embroidery.

Basically the phulkari work is done on a bright and colourful fabric like georgette, chiffon or silk. They are detailed with hand embroidered patterns often covering the entire surface and creating a stunning eye-catchy piece. These dupattas are a popular choice for special occasions and celebrations adding a touch of cultural heritage to the attire. 

Banarasi Dupatta Wholesale

This dupatta is the origin of historic city Varanasi and is famous for its rich silk weaving traditions. The Banarasi dupatta that we have are characterised by their luxurious and intricate brocade patterns and are usually made of fine silk fabric.

The designs in this dupatta often include floral motifs, some intricate geometrical patterns yet traditional Indian motifs like peacock and paisley. They are highly priced for their craftsmanship and are often chosen to accompany the bridal outfit. These dupattas exude opulence and elegance, making them a symbol of timeless beauty.

Kantha Dupatta Wholesale

This dupatta hails from the Bengal region of India and Bangladesh. It refers to the hand embroidery technique used to create some beautiful designer pieces. Our artisans create elaborated and detailed embroidery using simple running stitches that forms intricate patterns and motifs on layers of fabric.

This results in a lightweight, soft and incredibly versatile dupatta that can be used for both casual and formal occasions. The dupatta often features motifs inspired by nature, mythology and local culture, making them a unique representation of the region's artistry and storytelling traditions. 

Wholesale Bandhani Dupatta

Bandhani or bandhej dupattas are a product of ancient Indian textile artistry. The fabric is tied with thousands of tiny knots before it is dyed, resulting in vibrant, dotted patterns when the knots are removed. The dupattas are characterised by their small, distinct circular patterns and are often produced in regions of Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Its vibrant colour and striking patterns makes them a popular choice for celebrations and festivals. They add a burst of colours and energy to any outfit and their traditional tie-dye designs are highly sought after in the fashion world. 

Wholesale Chikankari Dupatta

The delicate and intricate form of white on white embroidery originating from Lucknow in the northern India is the delicate Chikankari dupatta. They are typically made from fine muslin or lightweight cotton adorned with exquisite had embroidery.

We have this gorgeous chikankari dupatta and if you are searching for wholesale dupatta online embroidered with floral motifs, vines and geometric pattern. They are known for their elegance, subtlety and timeless appeal. They are highly preferred for semi-formal and formal occasions.

Why Choose Us?

Each of the dupatta that you see here carries its own cultural and aesthetic significance, catering to diverse tastes and occasions. From cotton dupatta wholesale to beautifully crafted pieces these dupattas not only enhance the overall look of an outfit but also showcases the rich and diverse textile traditions of India and its neighbouring regions.

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